Sunday, 16 October 2011

Game Overview

Description : Horror game (currently working title) which is a first person shooter (FPS) whereby the player must run, hide and (at times) out smart, and if possible, destroy infected personnel of an old research station as our hero, Alex, tries to find his fellow test subjects or "guinea pigs" and escape the facility. However these research station isn't filled with any old zombies. They are fast. They are smart. They are seemlingly invincible. And they are numerous.

Genre : 1st Person Horror/Shooter with mild puzzle elements

Target Audience : 18+ gamers who have a strong stomach and relish in being scared. This game will apeal to players who are familiar with 'in your face' style visuals as seen in the Condemned games whilst also maintaining a chilling atmosphere.

Players :
Singleplayer - 1
 Mainly because it's hard to make a game scary if you know your best bud has your back.
Multiplayer - 4-8
Ranging from a variety of story/objective based missions where a team of survivors must complete certain objectives to survive/escape.

Format : Available for PC/Xbox 360/PS3

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