Monday, 19 March 2012

Development Document

Below is my finished Development Document, detailing the specifics of a social game on facebook. In this document I look at aesthetics, mechanics, story, technology, as well as some possible risks of releasing this game and how I could overcome them.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Development Sketches

Here I have drawn out some rough sketches and ideas of content within my game. Recently I have been playing a lot of Jetpack Joyride as it is a very good and thrilling game where you fly a jetpack through certain obstacles. However I have also gotten very bored of the game very suddenly and I feel that this is because I have exhausted all of the game's content. I feel that the game has nothing new to show me, no new obstacle, no new challenges or objectives and no new environments. And so, with this little bit of insight I have decided that my social should have lots and lots of content, to keep people entertained as much as possible. Farmville I feel has done the same, along with many other different social games and in order for mine to compete with them, it would be wise for my game to do the same.

And with that, here are the sketches for different ideas and concepts of different parts.

So far I have decided that the tank unit, will have a base which dictates how the tank will move, a turret, dictating how the tank will fire and what it will be effective against, and armour type, which will dictate how strong or weak the tank is and obviously, the better an armour, the slower the tank shall move. Furthermore certain combinations will be restricted, for instance a player will not be able to have an army of tanks with the fastest base, the strongest armour, and the most powerful turret.