Sunday, 16 October 2011

Game Character's (Protagonist and Antagonist)

Following up on the research I will lay out my idea for the protagonist and antagonist within my game idea.

Main Protagonist

Name : Alex Carter
Age : 27
Height : 6’ 3
Weight : 86kg
Hair Colour : Dark
Eye Colour : Clear Blue
Job : Experimental Tester
Interests : Gadgets, Tech
Dislikes/Phobias : Spiders, Claustrophobia
Note : Suffers from minor hallucinations

Background : Alex Carter is an Experimental Tester of weapons, vehicles, armour and pharmaceutical products. Despite doing his job well, he is mostly looked down upon, as people see him no more than a guinea pig to test latest products on and so has few colleagues and friends where he originally worked, most of whom are the scientists and engineers who require him to help them improve their work. Alex has just been transferred over from the main research station, situated elsewhere on the research planet of Alisia II, which is also partially why he has few friends although he never has really been much of a social person as he likes to keep to himself. Alex became a “guinea pig” after it was suggested to him by military recruitment officers after he failed in joining the military as, despite not having the mental strength to deal with military training and indeed combat, he still possessed amazing physical resilience and stamina. Although as such Coleman is aware of his failure to join the military and therein sees him as an outcast and a failure and at times a freak of nature due to his physical resilience and stamina although it is also this resilience and stamina that makes him such a good “guinea pig”. Alex was only a boy whilst the Colonist Wars raged on and so didn’t have much of a childhood as he spent most of it moving around with his uncle trying to avoid the war or else hiding within shelters. The fate of his parents is unknown although he assumed at an early age that they are both dead as they were both colonists from the outer world Bothador and from stories his loving uncle has told him about how strongly they felt about the importance from the corrupt governments of the core worlds. As such Alex has very little liking for the core world officials or anything resembling the civilised way of living within the core worlds.

The basic idea behind Alex was that he is at the wrong place at the wrong time when everything starts to go down south, however it is the survival instincts and the skills he learnt during the Colonist Wars whilst he was a child that will aid him in surviving. 

Main Antagonist

Name : Col. John Coleman
Age : 43
Height : 6’ 1
Weight : 90kg
Hair Colour : Bald
Eye Colour : Dark Brown
Job : Weapon Research/Advancement in Infantry Combat
Interests : Guns, Armour,  His own military career and Further Progressing it, Serving the Galactic Federation
Dislikes/Phobias : Peaceful Protests, Hippies, Fear of Dying, Fear of a more dominant military force

Background : Col. J. Coleman is a highly decorated war veteran of the past Colonist Wars, where newly colonised planets tried to break off from the core worlds and claim their independence. Coleman fought for the Galactic Federation, the ruling united government of the core worlds as he strictly believes that order must be maintained throughout the galaxy. He could have easily retired in a very modest living quarters somewhere on the civilised core worlds, however he chose instead to carry on serving, though in his old age, he still does his part for the Galactic Federation by developing new and deadly weapons and strategies on the research planet Alisia II. During the Colonist Wars Coleman was a fierce young youth who quickly learnt how to fight within a unit and quickly progressed up the ranks and as such demands respect from everyone below. Like all military personnel he despises the presence of civilian scientists as, although they are useful and indeed necessary, he feels that they should not be in such a sophisticated government research facility where there are dark secrets to hide. On hearing of the new transferred “guinea pig” and discovering that he had attempted to join the military and indeed failed, Coleman has an instant dislike for Alex.

With Coleman I really wanted your typical military bad ass although I also wanted him to stand out, as it was indeed Mark Penman who pointed out that a game's stroy won't stand out due to it's hero as, let's face it, they are all very similar, they are a character you play as. Although it is the villians that will make a game stand out, and this is indeed true, look at GLoDas, a very unique villain and possibly one of my most loved villains. With that, I want Coleman to be different, but in the sense of he'll shock you with some of the measures he takes to ensure the survival of himself and his beloved government that he has fought so hard to serve.

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