Sunday, 20 November 2011

Challenges Within Other Games

Gears of War 3


Melee Attack
4 Weapon Slots
Active Reloads
Vaulting Over Cover
Blind Firing
Points of Interest


Pinned Down In Cover
Player and/or squad could be pinned down be a Troika Machine Gun turret or other ranged deadly foe and are forced have a member of the squad flank round to either left or right and take on the enemy from an alternate angle.

Invulnerable Enemies
Some enemies encountered are only vulnerable to deadliea weapons such as the Hammer of Dawn. In which case the player must lure which ever foe they are dealing with, such as Beserker, into the open sky so that they can kill it with the satellite weapon.

Dead Space 2


Aiming - With Laser Sights
Shoot Whilst Moving 
Directional Indicator
4 Weapon Slots
Zero Gravity Areas
Vacuum Areas - Limited Air
Status - Cause Enemies and Objects to Slow
TK Gun - Dead Space's Gravity Gun
Limb Shooting


Right Weapon For The Right Moment
The player may be walking down a corridor and enter a larger area with the Plasma Cutter equipped, the game's version of a pistol. Resident Evil 4 veterans will always use this as the standard weapon to conserve ammo for the more powerful weapons. He may then run into the larger area and be attacked by lots of small fast moving Xenomorphs and woud be killed as he would be firing upon lots of fast moving enemies with an overpowered, slow firing weapon. The right weapon would've of course been the Pulse Rifle as it is a rapid firing weapon with a high fire rate and low power per round, suitable for dealing with lots of weaker enemies.

Vacuum Areas
Some areas within Dead Space 2 are in a vacuum and you will normally not have enough air to make it through the area, especially if you are attacked by Xenomorphs. Therefore the player must navigate around the area quickly whilst also remembering where he saw where he could get more air into his suit, otherwise he will only suffocate and die, limiting the player as to how he plays the game as he must reprioritise and palce getting more air at the top.

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